ULMA takes part on the construction project of the Empire Outlets in New York

ULMA takes part on the construction project of the Empire Outlets in New York

September 11, 2017

Empire Outlets is set to become the retail centrepiece of New York City. ULMA provisioned formwork and shoring systems. The location will be a leading shopping destination for locals and tourists alike, boasting more than 100 shops featuring the finest brands, an extensive array of waterfront restaurants and bars, a boutique hotel with more than 190 rooms, a performance hall measuring almost 2,000 m2, and of course spectacular views of New York.

Projects of this nature, composed of diverse building types, require formwork and shoring systems that are extremely versatile yet simple and quick to assemble. ULMA provisioned to the project of the Empire Outlets exactly such formwork and shoring systems for the shopping area, hotel, and parking structure.

ULMA provided nearly 10,000 m2 of MEGAFRAME shoring for areas where the floor slabs were more than 70 cm thick and the distance between them was greater than 7.50 m. With a galvanised finish and a variety of frame sizes available, this system proved ideal for adapting to a variety of heights and irregular shapes, where waffle formwork systems are not viable.

The slabs were executed using the ENKOFLEX beam system, which can adapt to any geometry, supported by the lightweight yet sturdy ALUPROP aluminium props.

All of the vertical structures, perimeter walls, columns, lift shafts, and stairwells were built using MEGALITE formwork. This lightweight system can be assembled without the need of a crane. Approximately 1900 m2 of MEGALITE material rotated throughout the project in different configurations, thus achieving an accelerated pace of work.

All material was supplied so as to achieve high levels of efficiency and assure that the project was completed in accordance with the timeline established by the client

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