Welsh quarry gets Terex Trucks upgrade

Hogan Aggregates has added two TA300 articulated haulers to its existing Terex Trucks fleet, helping to increase fuel efficiency and productivity at the company’s Coedana granite quarry, Caer Glaw, in Anglesey, Wales.

With nearly half a century of experience in the construction industry, Hogan Aggregates handles the production and supply of premium quality primary, secondary and recycled aggregates from four well managed quarries in Anglesey, Wales. The recent purchase of 28 tonne capacity TA300s has been supplied by Terex Trucks dealer, TDL Equipment Ltd., which is based in Tankersley near Sheffield.

“When looking to upgrade our fleet, we turned to TDL Equipment for its reliable and high-quality service,” says Jamie Hogan, production director at Hogan Asphalt. “For over a decade TDL Equipment has supplied us with many Terex Trucks, machines that have proven instrumental in boosting operations – and our bottom line,” he adds.

The existing Terex Trucks currently operating in the quarry include TA27 and TA30RS articulated haulers. “We are pleased with the level of productivity delivered by the haulers, which together have accumulated over 21,000 hours since they were purchased – and are still going strong!”

The new TA300s will be working tireless 10 hour days, five days a week, hauling blasted rock from the quarry face and transporting finished product to stockpiles around the site. Terex Trucks TA300s are powered by fuel-efficient Scania engines, offering Hogan Aggregates high uptime and increased profitability.

Built in Terex Trucks’ Motherwell factory in Scotland, the TA300 articulated hauler is well suited for the quarry’s applications, delivering reliable performance and cost-efficient hauling methods.

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