Winners of the international INTERMAT Innovation Awards competition

Winners of the international INTERMAT Innovation Awards competition

Chaired under the presidency of the FNTP, the international INTERMAT Innovation Awards competition distinguishes equipment, techniques, services, products or solutions that contribute to progress in the construction and infrastructure industry.

For this 7th edition, a judging panel of 13 European specialists of the industry have chosen to award 13 winners among the 90 products declared by the exhibitors registered to INTERMAT Paris and World of Concrete Europe 2018.

The INTERMAT Innovation Awards ceremony took place January 18th at Maison de la Mutualité, Paris.

Connected Concrete – 360SmartConnect Créateur du Béton Connecté

Buildings & Concrete Sector, Components & Accessories Award of INTERMAT Innovation Awards.

In the value chain associated with the life cycle of a structure, many stakeholders in the BTP ecosystem are involved. By transforming the concrete into an interface to datas and services associated with the structure, 360SmartConnect enables each of these stakeholders to create new values for itself (process, optimization…) or for its successors in the chain. Concrete Connected is a SIMPLE, ROBUST and INTEROPERABLE solution.

EVAS – EFA France

Lifting, Handling & Transportation, Components and Accessories Award of INTERMAT Innovation Awards.

EVAS is the first embedded voice control system with integrated database communicating in CAN BUS interface. It is multi-speakers, multi-languages, and works off-line. The system recognizes the order configured by the operator and translates it by sending a CAN frame on the network. EVAS allows you to control the vehicles functions, to activate combinations of functions, or to ask for information by voice, while leaving the operator focused on its main mission Pre-recorded voice commands are offered during system setup, but it is also possible to record your own commands. It is therefore a 100% customizable system, it can register up to 1000 orders. Its configuration is simple and intuitive. Therefore, EVAS will bring you safety, productivity and comfort. In addition, its IK08 impact resistance and IP67 protection allow it to adapt to all the most severe environments.


Earthmoving & Demolition, Equipment & Machinery Award of INTERMAT Innovation Awards.

The EX2 is a fully electric compact excavator prototype that delivers zero emissions, 10 times higher efficiency, 10 times lower noise levels and reduced total cost of ownership compared to its conventional counterparts. It is believed to be the world’s first fully electric compact excavator prototype.


Roads, Minerals & Foundations, Components & Accessories Award of INTERMAT Innovation Awards.

The Exo-Push is an exoskeleton that assists the efforts of the racker in the manuals operations of the asphalt leveling. As such, it is the first electric “wearbot” to penetrate the world of road construction. Developed by RB3D and from the work on military exoskeletons for the DGA (French Army Procurement agency) , the system is the result of cooperation with the teams of a great actor of road construction. It aims to reduce the difficulty of manual operations by acting on 3 points: A postural recovery A reduction in physical effort Maintaining the user’s heart rate in long working areas. In test on different fields since mid-2017 the product begins its marketing at Intermat 2018.


Earthmoving & Demolition, Components and Accessories; Roads, Minerals & Foundations, Components and Accessories; Lifting, Handling & Transportation, Components and Accessories; Buildings & Concrete Sector, Components and Accessories of INTERMAT Innovation Awards.

MATOS is a young start-up that has developed MATOS-CONNECT, which is the dematerialized business tool of the equipment rental with drivers in the field of public works. MATOS-CONNECT manages, in a dematerialized way (through a SaaS platform and business applications) planning, administrative, financial management and sales via digital connections (MATOS-RESEAU) for its customers who can then devote to their activity.

MaxUpDown – ALPHI

Buildings & Concrete Sector, Equipment & Machinery Award of INTERMAT Innovation Awards.

The MaxUpDown is a tool helping to handle the MaxiDalle panels. The system is componed by a telescopic mast system working by compressed air. It enables to lift and lower the MaxiDalle panels without effort in great height from the ground. The companions work on one level and have no longer to handle heavy loads in height. This system thus allows to fight efficiently against painfulness and to reduce MSD while remaining in safety. The hands are never higher than the heart, thus meeting the expectations concerning health at work.

Mecalac e12 – MECALAC

Earthmoving & Demolition, Equipment and Machinery Award of INTERMAT Innovation Awards.

The Mecalac e12 is the world first compact wheeled excavator run only by electricity, without any compromise on battery life, performances and compactness.

Tracked aerial platform Lightlift 33.17 Performance IIIS – HINOWA S.p.A.

Lifting, Handling & Transportation, Equipment and Machinery Award of INTERMAT Innovation Awards.

The new Hinowa Lightlift 33.17 has an operating outreach of 16,5 meters, a working height of 32,5 meters, a load capacity of 230 kg throughout the working range, multiple simultaneous movements and a new wider and more comfortable basket (160 cm vs 140 cm): With a height lower than two meters, it is possible for the machine to easily pass through any industrial and civil doorway. New features: Concerning the rotation in restricted stabilization area it is possible to turn 360° (with limited outreach). The machine is equipped with a variable stabilization: wide (4200 x 4950 mm) and narrow (3000 x 6000 mm). Another new feature is the new performance jib arm that can be moved ±90° (previously 0/-90°), basket rotation is ±90° as well. This machine is also equipped with Go Home function. This reduces the closing time and avoids errors. But the most sensational new feature is that with this model underground working is possible!

Concrete 3D printing – SIKA FRANCE

Buildings & Concrete Sector, Equipment and Machinery Award of INTERMAT Innovation Awards.

Process that combines Large scale 3D robotic innovation applied to the concrete industry.Designers and architects will use this technology to create completely new designs that change the way our cities look. With this technology, we hope that we can support the imagination of architects and designers as they develop new exciting structures.

HandSafe wood cutting saw – SIMA

Buildings & Concrete Sector, Equipment and Machinery Award of INTERMAT Innovation Awards.

A wood cutting saw, generally including a Tugstene blade, is one of the most dangerous machines that operate in the Building sector. Beyond the many mandatory safety elements to which this machine must comply, the new SIMA HANDSAFE features a unique and exclusive safety system to stop short the blade the second that it touches human skin. This safety system reduces the damage caused by accidents related to negligence or mishandling.

Machine stabilization recognition system – Manitou Group

Lifting, Handling & Transportation, Components and Accessories Award of INTERMAT Innovation Awards.

The MRT 2470 and MRT 3050 use a strain gauge inside the pin of the stabilizers cylinders in order to get the information of the exerted strength on the ground. This system, innovative and patented by Manitou, allows more safety on using stabs.

TRX 100% – FAYAT

Roads, Minerals & Foundations, Equipment & Machinery Award of INTERMAT Innovation Awards.

Unique in the world, continuous Mobile hot mix asphalt plant capable to reuse RAP from 100 to 0% with hot and warm mix technology.

UBIWAN®SMART | Connected management solution for construction machinery and equipment – DMIC

Earthmoving & Demolition, Components & Accessories Award  of INTERMAT Innovation Awards.

UBIWAN®SMART enables to reveal, real-time, location, usage and availability of each and every outdoor construction machinery and equipment. Even when the asset has no proper or continuous power supply, what was not possible so far. This innovation is mainly based on the introduction of LoRa technology (low-range / low-energy) within the geolocation device, boosted by a secret firmware, and the development of a really smart, easy-to-use and collaborative app. With UBIWAN®SMART: Optimize the global use of equipment on different sites – Decrease time to find it – Simplify equipment scoring and assignment – Collaborate directly and efficiently – Lower and control the resort to rental – Reduce the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

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