World ATM Congress 2022 will address the invasion of Ukraine, the COVID-19 pandemic and the coexistence of UTM and ATM in the airspace

World ATM Congress 2022 will address the invasion of Ukraine

The ninth edition of World ATM Congress, which includes the Expodronica Pavilion, sponsored by UMILES Group, offers a whole vision of the future of the sky with its different Educational Theatres. The Spotlight Stage is dedicated to mainly 20-minute presentations, with a few panel presentations. These theatres will address the rising number of small drones in the airspace and the threat that they pose to traditional aviation at and around airports. Recognising this threat, companies around the world have developed a multitude of drone detection and mitigation tools. However, most airports have yet to deploy such capabilities and those that have often lack a holistic approach to how operational stakeholders coordinate and utilise them. These aspects will be debated by putting current international issues, such as the invasion of Ukraine, in relation to the aerial civil/military traffic through corridors, the COVID-19 pandemic and its consequences for the world’s air traffic management (ATM) systems, and the coexistence of UTM and ATM in the airspace and their related security risks in perspective.

Although the agenda is provisional and is subject to changes, there are already presentations confirmed by several organisations such as ENAIRE; INDRA; SAAB, Inc; INECO; The Boeing Company; UFA, Inc; Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co.KG; among others.

The main topics that will be presented by the different organisations at the Spotlight Stage are:

  • COVID-19 pandemic and its consequences for the world’s ATM systems
  • Innovative ways to deliver critical training complied with extreme pandemic restrictions
  • Innovative solutions and business models to provide customers with sustainable air navigation services
  • Vision on the future of Communication Navigation and Surveillance (CNS) measurements
  • Performance analysis on CNS installations
  • New multilink-based communication models
  • Digital towers and hybrid operators
  • Implementation of ATN CPDLC over VDL2
  • Digital transformation of the ATM network
  • Benefits of combining active & passive radar technology
  • Budapest, as the largest remotely managed airport in Europe
  • Adaptation of ATM to new challenges
  • The invasion of Ukraine and the aerial civil/military traffic through corridors
  • The flight of drones above prohibited areas and its security risk
  • Drone Measurements of Terrestrial Navigation Signals
  • Integration of Drones into Air Traffic: A Unique Way to Address UTM Future Challenges
  • Met4Airports – prediction of weather-induced operating restrictions
  • Big Data application on air navigation operational optimisation

More information about Spotlight Stage Agenda:

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