A Haulotte more Christmas

This year’s Xmas lights in St Helier Jersey went up in record speed this year thanks to 4 Hire and the HA16 RTJ Pro.

There was no trouble with the tinsel thanks to a full height speed of 40 seconds. No trouble either for those troublesome tree lights with 4WD 4WS and Crab steer, even those tricky to reach areas were effortless. And it was plain sailing down at the marina lifting those big baubles on to branches with fully proportional and simultaneous movement.

4 Hire owner, Nigel Blandin said, we were very impressed with our new purchase as we have Haulotte booms in the past but this is now a completely machine, a different step up and industry leading technology. Very fast and very smooth.

And the verdict from the operators … “we really like this machine it’s so easy to use, fast and precise and much better than other booms we have used in the past”

Xmas tree


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