ALE safely transports 1.293 ton petrochemical module on SCHEUERLE SPMT

ALE safely transports 1.293 ton petrochemical module

Situated offshore Sabah, Malaysia in a water depth of 1,854 feet (565 meters), is the Malikai oilfield. Operated by Shell, it is currently being equipped with all necessary infrastructures for exploration. Amongst this infrastructure is also a living quarters module. The module weighs a total of 1,293 tons and was recently transported on sixty axle lines of SCHEUERLE SPMT.

The living quarters module with a total length of forty-two meters and transportation width of thirty meters was fabricated at the Malaysia Marine and Heavy Engineering (MMHE) construction yard around two kilometers afar from ist final destination at the harbour. Prior to the move, a route survey was undertaken to identify the most suitable route. The chosen route included six ninety degree turns as well as several bridges and crossings.

In the early morning, the living quarter module was jacked up and sixty lines of SCHEUERLE SPMT werde placed under the load. Four girders were used to spread the load, highering the center of gravity. This circumstance did not lead to any problems, due to the precise steering and axle suspension of the SCHEUERLE SPMT.

Once arrived at its final position, the living quarter module was lifted and installed on top of the final platform rig by two units of 1,600t crawler cranes.

About SPMTs of the TII Group

In 1983, SCHEUERLE – now part of the TII Group – developed a vehicle that would fundamentally revolutionize the heavy haulage industry. The SPMT (Self Propelled Modular Transporter) began to conquer the industry and changed more than just the manner in which loads are transported. The entire system of modular construction of industrial plant, conveyor systems or infrastructure projects was radically turned upside down. Today, modules reach weights of up to 15,000 tonnes with the door left open for even more potential. They are handled through the use of SPMTs. The TII Group, which includes SCHEUERLE, NICOLAS and KAMAG together with TII Energy, is global leader in the manufacture vehicles with hydraulically suspended pendulum axles and 70 per cent of all transports over 3,000 tonnes as well as 90 per cent of all transports over 5,000 tonnes are carried out on SPMTs from the TII Group. Customers of the TII Group benefit from the unmatched global coverage with modular vehicles. Depending on requirements, operators can rent additional axle lines (cross-hire rental) and hence flexibly manage new projects even if more axle lines are needed than is actually available in the company´s vehicle fleet. This allows handling profitable projects without any limitations and provides customers of the TII Group with a head start over the competition in terms of flexibility and planning certainty. SPMTs from the TII Group are coupleable amongst all generations and can be loaded onto container flat racks and thus easily transported. Today, the term SPMT which was first introduced to the market by SCHEUERLE in 1983 has developed from being purely a company product name into a generic term used for virtually all self-propelled modular vehicles. With 15,000 “classic” SPMT axle lines on the market, the TII Group is the undisputed global market leader in the area of self-propelled transport solutions and regularly attracts attention through exciting innovations such as the SPMT Widening Solutions or the SPMT F with its increased top speed.

About ALE

Founded in 1983 by Roger Harries, ALE delivers a highly tailored, end-to-end service covering every aspect of the handling, transportation and installation of heavy, indivisible loads, including lifting, transporting, installing, ballasting, jacking and weighing. ALE delivers strategic heavy-lift services to a wide range of sectors, including civil, oil and gas, energy, nuclear, offshore, renewables, petrochemical, ports, marine, minerals and metals and mining. ALE is headquartered in the UK and has more than 30 offices across Europe, the Far East, Africa, America, South America, the Middle East and Australia. It is fully compliant with international standards of safety and excellence, including Quality standard ISO 9001:2008, Environmental standard ISO 14001:2004, and Health and Safety Standard OHSAS 18001:2007. ALE is also registered and qualified in the Achilles Norway and Link-up systems, and is a member of both the British Safety Council and the British Standards Institution. Further information can be found on the ALE website at


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