BKT inaugurates its new production plant in Waluj

BKT inaugurates its new production plant in Waluj

Trial production has started at BKT’s new state-of the-art site in Waluj, in the Indian state of Maharashtra.

Result of a € 56 million investment, its annual production capacity is around 30,000 MT of Off-Highway tires.

There would be around 500 people working at this plant, when it’s on full capacity, and at the plant will be manufactured medium and small diameter tires, designed for machinery operating in the agricultural and industrial industries.

For BKT this new plant is a strategic choice which not only increases its production, but also makes it more efficient.

The site, spread over 22 acres, is in fact a new greenfield plant located, at just 5 km from BKT’s existing and first ever production facility in Waluj, which was opened in the year 1987.

The project focused on the construction of a cutting-edge plant from both a structural and mechanical point of view and on the reorganization of departments and work flows for maximum efficiency.

With the foundation stone laid in June 2019, this site arose during the pandemic. BKT was determined to ensure the safety of all those working on the project before continuing with its realization. However, the health emergency did not curb BKT’s desire to move forward, with a positive message to the market: “it can be done“, while of course fulfilling all the due safety requirements.

As always, the company aims high and intends to expand its share of the Off-Highway market, following a philosophy summarized as follows by Arvind Poddar, BKT President and CEO: “Growth is our commitment. Looking ahead is our constant goal. A company which cannot look boldly towards its future is like a person who cannot dream“.

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