CAT M315F & M317F wheeled excavators deliver job site agility, reliable performance, low cost operation and operator convenience

The new Cat® M315F and M317F compact radius wheeled excavators are additions to the recently launched Cat   F Series wheeled excavator range, reflecting the same customer focused design concept of their conventional radius counterparts, but providing customers the added choice of compactness. The new models make no compromise in power, performance, or stability, compared with their non-compact counterparts, and feature large working envelopes, high breakout forces, and high lifting capacities.

The new compact radius models offer a wide range of configurations, including undercarriage options, stick lengths, and boom types to fit specific applications. The offset boom allows digging adjacent to walls and structures, grading while driving, and digging under existing utilities without damage. The variable adjustable boom, which offers optimum right-side visibility and roading balance, is the best option for heavy lifting.


Wide steering angles and optimum turning radius facilitate maneuvering and simplify repositioning the machine. Available joystick steering further eases maneuvering, allowing operators to keep both hands on the joysticks and continue working, even when moving the machine.

Tool Carrier Versatility

The M315F and M317F are designed as tool carriers, having all necessary systems to change attachments in seconds from the safety of the cab, including medium and high pressure auxiliary hydraulic lines, automated hydraulic Auto-Connect quick coupler, and a monitor based tool control system. The tool control interface allows programming the machines for up to ten different flow/pressure settings to accommodate a wide range of Cat work tools.

Specific auxiliary functions are assigned on the joystick and foot pedal, allowing the operator to choose directly, through the monitor, which button and/or slider is preferred for a specific work tool.


For even greater versatility and maneuverability, the M315F and M317F can be equipped from factory to easily accept the new Cat tiltrotator, which allows direct mounting of work tools and provides 360-degree rotation.

Worktool controllability is ensured for the new models with a load-sensing hydraulic system designed to provide fast cycles, generous lift capacities, and high bucket and stick forces. The machines have dedicated pumps for the swing function and for implement functions, resulting in faster, smoother combined movement. The hydraulic system also reduces the load on the engine by matching flow to load demand, translating into lower fuel consumption.

Power and Performance

The 112 kW (150-hp/152-PS) Cat C4.4 ACERT™ engine meets U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final/EU Stage IV emission standards and integrates an emission aftertreatment system that requires no attention other than periodically replenishing the diesel exhaust fluid tank. Emissions technology includes the Cat NOx-reduction system, selective-catalytic-reduction system, diesel oxidation catalyst, “fit for life” diesel particulate filter, and high-pressure/common-rail fuel system.

The C4.4 ACERT engine provides quick response to changing loads while delivering constant power. It is designed to provide powerful, reliable performance in all operating situations, whether utility repair along urban streets, road construction, or large earth-moving projects that involve heavy-duty digging and lifting tasks.

For optimum fuel efficiency, the new machines feature Automatic Engine Speed Control that lowers engine speed when maximum power is not required. An engine idle-shutdown system also saves fuel by stopping the engine after a preset idling interval. In addition, the Eco Mode reduces engine speed to save fuel, but does not compromise power or performance. The automatic shift-to-travel mode optimizes driveline performance, while also conserving fuel, and the cooling system features a variable speed, on-demand fan for further fuel savings.

Comfort and Safety

The M315F and M317F share the same spacious, comfortable cabin as non-compact models, featuring automatic climate control with air conditioning, adjustable steering column, fully adjustable seats, and adjustable sensitivity for joysticks and controls.

The roll-over-protective-structure (ROPS) operator cabin also features high pressurization to keep the environment dust free, low sound and vibration levels, and expansive visibility with a large, all glass door, wide angle mirrors, and a large skylight. F Series wheeled excavators also incorporate a PIN-code anti-theft system.

The standard lighting package includes a light for the standard right side camera, counterweight light for the rearview camera, three cabin mounted working lights, and a light on the boom. LED lights are standard, providing enhanced illumination, lower power consumption, and longer life. The right side camera has a separate in-cab color monitor, which also can display rearview camera images simultaneously.

The M315F and M317F feature a new cruise control system, and an automatic brake/axle lock system detects when the service brake and axle need to be locked or unlocked and handles that task for the operator. Automatic swing and travel lock functions eliminate the need to release the swing lock pin.


Fleet Management

Cat LINK technologies, such as the Product Link™ advanced telemetrics system provide a constant stream of wireless information, including location, hours, fuel usage, idle time and event codes. Product Link data are accessed via the online VisionLink® interface and are vital for providing information needed to make timely, fact-based decisions that improve job-site efficiency, increase productivity and lower costs.”


The longitudinally mounted engine in the new models has a forward-mounted cooling package that is accessible from ground level, as are all daily maintenance points. Coolers are grouped in the same compartment, and the condenser can be tilted out (no tools required) for ease of cleaning. Automatic centralized greasing (Auto-lube) is standard, and an electric fuel priming pump eliminates filling filters before installation.

The new Cat M315F and M317F will be available in early 2017.

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