Competence in Gravel Extraction: Kiesabbau Wiedemann Opts for High-Performance Duty Cycle Crawler Cranes from Liebherr

Competence in Gravel Extraction: Kiesabbau Wiedemann Opts for High-Performance Duty Cycle Crawler Cranes from Liebherr

Modern duty cycle crawler cranes from Liebherr are being used by Kiesabbau Wiedemann for various tasks in the sand and gravel extraction industry. Just recently, the south German Company strengthened its position with four further machines, namely three HS 8070 HD and one HS 895 HD. Two of the duty cycle crawler cranes in Kiesabbau Wiedemann’s fleet proved their efficiency during the last year as part of an infrastructure project in Hungary.

The task of the duty cycle crawler cranes was the extraction of gravel material for the development of the Hungarian motorways. Despite the relatively large volume of the extraction, Kiesabbau Wiedemann decided against a larger machine and opted for two HS 8070 HD instead, thus considering the difficult soil conditions. Thanks to the performance of the two 70-tonne Liebherr duty cycle crawler cranes, the ground pressure could be kept as low as possible while lifting the dragline bucket.

Approximately 16,000 Tonnes of Gravel per Day

For about one year, the duty cycle crawler crane worked twenty-four hours, seven days a week in order to meet the requirements for gravel. Each machine was equipped with a 23 m long boom as well as a dragline bucket with a filling capacity of 3 m³. Every day about 16,000 tonnes of sand and gravel were extracted from depths of down to 12 metres. That means a turnover of approximately 330 tonnes per hour and machine. Thus, in the course of the year, it was possible to meet the customer’s expectations and achieve approximately 5.5 million tonnes of material as required.

Kiesabbau Wiedemann provided a well-experienced team of six operators for the task. They worked in shifts and achieved low cycle times of under one minute. Yet again, the two duty cycle crawler cranes from Liebherr demonstrated their high capabilities, not least owing to excellently matched components, a solid swing drive and the robust mechanics of the free-fall winches, which were especially designed for dynamic dragline operation.

“The duty cycle crawler cranes enable smooth operation even under difficult conditions and, despite durable design, excel through easy handling and uncomplicated transportation. That’s why we are extremely flexible in the organization of each job and, furthermore, able to complete promptly,” Philipp Dietmayer, machine operator at Kiesabbau Wiedemann, sums up some of the main advantages.

Efficiency as a Significant Feature

The two duty cycle crawler cranes also convinced through their high economic efficiency with a diesel consumption of only 24-26 litres per hour. This low fuel consumption was a crucial and deciding factor for Kiesabbau Wiedemann. In recent months four additional duty cycle crawler cranes from Liebherr were purchased, among them three HS 8070 HD.

“The low fuel consumption of the HS 8070 HD is exceptional. For gravel turnovers of 200 tonnes per hour it requires up to 30% less diesel than similar machines,” reports the obviously impressed Technical Managing Director, Florian Wiedemann. The HS 8070 HD belongs to the newest generation of Liebherr duty cycle crawler cranes and is equipped with a 320 kW / 435 hp diesel engine, which meets with the current emission standards Tier 4f / Stage 4. On the one hand, this machine achieves low fuel consumption through optimized hydraulics and, on the other hand, through the Eco-Silent-Mode. Using this function the engine speed can be reduced to a required predefined level, so enabling a significant reduction in the fuel consumption without impairing the performance.

The duty cycle crawler cranes are suitable for a number of applications and can be used by the company Wiedemann for dragline, grab and free-hanging operation. Thus, a much wider spectrum than just classic dredging is opened up for the Company.

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