Donaldson’s Clean Fuel and Lubricant Solutions Help Reduce Total Cost of Equipment Ownership

Donaldson Company, Inc. (NYSE: DCI), a leading worldwide manufacturer of filtration systems and parts, featured its Clean Fuel and Lubrication Systems at the 2016 BAUMA Show, April 11-17, 2016, at Messe München. Donaldson offers a full range of filtration products designed to capture contamination from fuel and lubricants as they are pumped into and out of bulk fluid storage tanks.

Dirt and water are the enemies of fuels and lubricants, robbing vehicles and equipment of performance and longevity. Removing contaminants with bulk filtration prior to pumping fluids into equipment allows on-board filtration systems to do their jobs better while supporting the advanced fuel system technology required to meet today’s strict emissions regulations. Donaldson uses a three-step approach to protect owners’ fuel and lubricant investments from delivery to final point of use:

CLEAN. Donaldson’s single-pass filtration on the tank inlet reduces the risk of contamination in bulk storage tanks and helps to maintain desired cleanliness levels while also preventing costly tank cleanings. Compact and easy to replace, Donaldson filters are an important line of defense in protecting fluid investments and equipment. Customizable systems can be configured for high flow rates while minimizing pressure drop.

PROTECT. Water absorbing filters, T.R.A.P. Breathers and Reservoir Air Dryers reduce the risk of dirt and moisture entering a bulk storage tank, so fluids are kept clean and dry. Used together, they help guard from free water, airborne contaminants and microbial growth for as long as the fluid is in storage.

POLISH. Unstable fluids — and the tank itself — can be sources of contamination. Final filtration on the dispenser ensures that original equipment manufacturers’ (OEM) targeted ISO cleanliness levels are achieved, and only clean, dry fluids are put into equipment.

“We’ve had countless heavy-equipment customers come to us with fuel contamination and chemistry challenges that originate, or are intensified, during fuel transfer and storage,” said Scott Grossbauer, Director of Clean Fuel and Hydraulics at Donaldson. “The three-step system we’ve developed allows equipment owners and operators to pump cleaner fuel into their equipment, which, in turn, reduces the occurrence of injector and fuel system problems that contaminated fuel can cause.”

Donaldson Clean Solutions is a business unit dedicated to the filtration of bulk fluids. For contamination challenges downstream of the refinery, from delivery to point of use, Donaldson Clean Solutions can help deliver clean fuel, lubricant, Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) and hydraulic oil into equipment to help it keep running. Find out more about Donaldson Clean Solutions  here or at this link.

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