Kässbohrer ready to bring latest innovations to 66th IAA

Kässbohrer ready to bring latest innovations to 66th IAA

Europe’s fastest growing semi-trailer manufacturer Kässbohrer will be exhibiting a set of outstanding examples from its wide product range and presenting its broad semi-trailer services at the upcoming 66th IAA Commercial Vehicles Exhibition.

Kässbohrer will showcase six trailers, each with brand new innovative features at three different locations at the 66th IAA in Hannover, Germany between September 22 and 29, 2016.

The motto of Kässbohrer this year, “Discover Versatility” points out the competence of Kässbohrer in its power of engineering the Europe’s widest semi-trailer product range, from curtainsiders to tanks and silos, and from low-beds and low-loaders to platform-semi-trailers.

Visitors of Kässbohrer stand will also be able to learn more about its broad and diverse sales and aftersales services, across 24 countries in Europe, including Russia.

World’s largest commercial vehicle trade fair IAA is expected to attract more than 250,000 visitors this year. Organized biennially, IAA is one of the world’s oldest motor vehicle exhibitions, being held since 1897.

At Hall 27, Stand E011, Kässbohrer will exhibit its coil carrier curtainsider, K.SCC X+, along with a 3-axle non-extendable light low-bed, K.SLS.L 3, and finally the Trailer Innovation 2017 applicant 32 m3 Safety Bitumen Tanker, K.STS.SS 32.

In addition, Kässbohrer will present a 2-axle low-loader, K.SLL 2, at Open Area L52.

Kässbohrer’s 60 m3 tipping silo, K.SSK 60, equipped with the Digital Trailer Control system will be exhibited at New Mobility World LIVE, previously known as the Innovation Stage.

Kässbohrer’s giant 90 m3 tipping silo, K.SSK 90, will be exhibited coupled with a DAF truck at Open Area C114.

Kässbohrer’s exhibiton vehicles:

Kässbohrer 32 m3 Safety Bitumen Tanker, K.STS SS 32, is engineered to improve European best practices for occupational health and safety, as well as the discharge operation safety and efficiency in general.

The electronic discharge automation system installed on K.STS SS 32, along with additional security features not only protects the driver, avoiding possible permanent injury, it increases security of the operation site and the equipment as well. The result is safer working conditions, lower risks in order to increase the total value of ownership and lower operational costs.

Kässbohrer Safety Bitumen Tanker, co-developed with Hoyer Bitumen Logistik GmbH, is attending Trailer Innovation 2017 awards.

Kässbohrer Coil Carrier Maxima Curtainsider, K.SCC X+, is equipped with the longest coil-well in its class for the reliable transportation of every coil load type.

In compliance with ISO 1726, K.SCC X+ can couple with both 6 x 2 and 6 x 4 tractors, while its intermodal transport configurations make it suitable for all A1 wagon types.  K.SCC X+ offers more than 500 different strapping options for flexible and reliable load securing.

Kässbohrer 2-axle Low Loader, K.SLL 2, is now more dexterous and durable than ever. With its robust chassis, now metalized for higher durability, K.SLL 2 enables the safe transport of abnormal goods up to 3,700 mm height, with a ground clearance height of 300 mm.

Kässbohrer K.SLL 2 at the 66th IAA is equipped with a detachable hardwood floor for easier transportation of oval loads. Hydraulic and electric connections of K.SLL 2 are further improved for increased functionality.

Kässbohrer 3-axle Low Bed, K.SLS L3, at the 66th IAA will be Kässbohrer’s first low bed with a hydraulic gooseneck ramp, providing easier loading of access platforms, forklifts, commercial or industrial cleaning machineries on its gooseneck. Its chassis is now metalized, enabling to keep its condition at its best.

Kässbohrer’s rear sliding ramp system, now with five different ramp options, as well as 10⁰ or 14⁰ angle options, decreases idle workshop time by allowing automatic adjustment of ramp distances according to the load palette or wheel distance.

Kässbohrer 60 m3 Tipping Silo, K.SSK 60, at the 66th IAA will show Kässbohrer’s versatility, by implementing hi-tech electronic automation systems on efficient and reliable trailer design for increased safety and functionality.

K.SSK 60 is equipped with the Digital Trailer Control (DTC) system, developed by Kässbohrer. The DTC unit is designed to maximize the safety of drivers and operators, by centralizing the mechanical control of different silo semi-trailer equipments in a single digital control unit, including the hydraulic tipping system, suspension adjustment, landing gear control, parking and service brakes. The system also allows its operator to monitor the tank pressure, load weight, distance traveled… among others. The DTC system was nominated at Trailer Innovation 2015.

With its further reduced tare weight of 6,500 kg, thanks to the lightweight aluminum structure, K.SSK 60 is now more economical and eco-friendly.

Kässbohrer 90 m3 Tipping Silo, K.SSK 90, shows the level of sophistication Kässbohrer reached on the transportation of powdered and granular goods.



In its Summerfest back in June this year, Kässbohrer launched its new after-sales service, K-Advance Care.

Kässbohrer’s new K-Advance Care is a set of all-inclusive repair and maintenance packages, which cover periodical maintenances, replacement of worn parts, tire management, roadside assistance and relevant labor.

With K-Advance Care, Kässbohrer guarantees an uninterrupted performance for its operators, with the advantage of fixed and adjustable-to-needs costs, in 16 countries across Europe, at over 6,000 service locations.

With flexible K-Advance Care packages, Kässbohrer semi-trailers are under a full maintenance guarantee for a period of 24, 36, 48 or 60 months, or for an annual mileage determined by the operator.

In addition, K-Advance Care includes a 24/7 roadside assistance, anywhere in Europe, 365 days per year. With the availability of support in 18 national languages, more than 800 mechanics provide a breakdown recovery service, to get back Kässbohrer semi-trailers back on the road as soon as possible.

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