Express road S10 and tunnel Götschka in Austria: mobile concrete supply by SBM

Express road S10 and tunnel Götschka in Austria: mobile concrete supply by SBM

December 7, 2015

Two plants of the SBM series EUROMIX® produce a total of 605,000 m³ shotcrete and structural concrete for tunnels in mining technique and cut-and-cover technique, galleries, bridges and concrete pavements at the ASFINAG construction project S10 Mühlviertler Schnellstraße.

Since January 2012, two concrete mixing plants made by SBM Mineral Processing have been responsible for the complete concrete production at the large-scale construction project financed by ASFINAG in the north of Linz (Austria). The powerful plants EUROMIX® 2000 and EUROMIX® 3000 are producing up to 30,000 m³ high-quality concrete per month thus ensuring smooth operation at the construction site.

Longest three-lane tunnel in Europe

The ambitious express road building includes four tunnel sections, four underfloor sections as well as various engineering structures at a total length of 22 kilometres. The centre piece of the new road is the tunnel Götschka which has been constructed in mining technique with two tubes. With a length of 4,400 m and a gradient of 3.6 % it is the longest three-lane tunnel in Europe.

MBK relies on SBM

Projects of this kind demand top reliability and performance of all parties involved. Horst Wiener, Managing Director of MBK (Mobile Betonkonzepte GmbH) commented on placing this order with SBM: “To be able to assure reliable supply of concrete in the required quality directly on the site SBM was the only possible experienced partner for us. And now we can successfully finalize the order in December 2015.“

Mobility without any compromises

As the modular, space-saving plant systems are completely autonomous and do not require concrete foundations, they fit into every construction site infrastructure. According to the plant concept the concrete logistics is positioned in front of the plants and the material logistics is behind the plants. The high-performance mixing plants are already prepared for heating and cooling operation, therefore they are ready to produce concrete after only one week of assembly time. The centrally controlled systems work together perfectly and fulfil the complete package of performance requirements even under most extreme conditions in all-year operation.

Efficiency and environmental care

The mobile plants series EUROMIX® (see table) make an important contribution to assure profitable and eco-friendly concrete production at the S10 project. A major part of the excavated material of the tunnel is newly processed directly on the site to achieve high-quality grain sizes for the subsequent concrete production. This avoids long distances as well as high amounts of noise, dust and air pollution.

Know-how for special solutions

SBM Mineral Processing GmbH is a full-package supplier for stationary and mobile concrete mixing plants for ready-mixed and prefab concrete as well as mineral processing and conveying plants for the raw material and recycling industries including service and support. Decades of experience in engineering and manufacturing make the enterprise a strong partner for superior solutions. SBM plants are designed for year-round operation and work even under extreme weather conditions. Using high-end components assures long service life and low maintenance costs for our machines and plants. SBM belongs to the powerful MFL Group. For this reason our clients can use the complete company networks including know-how, capacities for manufacturing and assembly as well as worldwide dispatch and purchase logistics.

Performance data

EUROMIX® 1000 1600 2200 2500 3000 3300 4000
Output capacity of hardened concrete [m³/h] 65 80 100 115 130 145 170
Mixer output of hardened concrete / batch [m³] 1.25 1.67 2.25 2.50 3.00 3.33 4.00

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