geoSURE from Sandvik turns drill rig into analyzer

Sandvik Construction is adding a revolutionary rig-integrated, high precision, online rock mass analysis and visualization system to its existing offering for tunneling process optimization – geoSURE. This new option is fully integrated to the iSURE® tunneling project management software, providing rock mass information and a view inside the drilled rock. Its unique features improve the overall tunneling process in terms of efficiency and quality.

The launch of geoSURE provides accurate geological information for companies or individuals involved in tunneling or underground operations, through a completely new, first in the industry, rig-integrated onboard rock mass analysis and visualization system. Designed to be used with Sandvik underground construction drills rigs, it delivers real-time onboard analysis of the rock mass which provides many advantages to the overall tunnel process optimization. Not only is it an easy way to fulfill the most advanced reporting requirements in the industry, it also acts as an important tool for the assessment of rock reinforcement or injection requirements. Additionally it serves as an assisting tool for charging and blasting control as well as a complementary tool for geological mapping.

Meeting the requirements of modern tunneling

High-end tunneling processes are constantly developing and the requirements for constructors, contractors and equipment manufacturers are becoming more complex. Increased pressure for more detailed planning, reporting and documentation, not forgetting quality and safety requirements, has led many faced with these relatively time consuming tasks to seek a more effective solution tool. geoSURE thus offers an easy-to-use and comprehensive solution which meets this challenge. Fully integrated to Sandvik’s existing product platforms, it enables contractors, consultants and civil engineering tunneling companies, to save time and money by fulfilling the most advanced reporting requirements easily and cost effectively.

The benefits of geoSURE are best demonstrated in the way it supports the assessment of the need for rock reinforcement or injection. Once the online data produced by each drilled hole is analyzed and further visualized using the iSURE® tunneling project management system, a view inside the rock is formed providing geologically meaningful information. This may then be used to support the formation of bolting and injection plans as well as backing up the charging and blasting procedures.

The present approach for geological mapping is based on visual sighting and time consuming laboratory measurements; the development of geoSURE now enables the use of a handy tool which speeds up and enhances this process. Using information gathered from every drilled hole and visualizing the rock allows geologists quick and up-front access to information that has traditionally taken some days to be available. As a result of this a priori information the tunneling process can be further adjusted and optimized for even more efficient tunneling operations.

All information is analyzed real time on the drilling rig. Visualizations are done by using the Sandvik iSURE® tunneling project management system.

All information is analyzed real time on the drilling rig. Visualizations are done by using the Sandvik iSURE® tunneling project management system.

Drill rig is the analyzer

The geoSURE system enables the drill rig to act as the analyzer as all information is provided in real time on the drilling rig itself. There is no need for any third party devices, add on sensors or separate data transfers, as the analysis is fully integrated into the drill rig. This means that geoSURE takes full use of the drilling information thus providing accurate and repeatable results. Being a Sandvik built-in solution, geoSURE is seamlessly integrated to the control system of the drill rig thereby ensuring ease and speed of use, and also allowing the quality, testing and support functions synonymous with Sandvik service.

Thorough analysis

The real time on-board analysis includes features such as fracture, rock strength and water indication. The extended analysis of the data allows the evaluation of the rock strength class, rock quality class and rock quality number. These features can then be further visualized using the iSURE® tunneling project management software. The 2D planar view provides an overall outlook of the tunnel section, including 2D interpolation, side view, top view and unrolled view. For more detailed inspection, the 3D structural view of the tunnel section can be used. This features 3D interpolations, plane intersections and isosurfaces and curves. The iSURE® system also provides the former 3D view and one hole MWD diagram with the new geoSURE variables.

At present geoSURE is available for Sandvik i-series tunneling jumbos. The geoSURE system includes the delivery of hardware components and iSURE® software license. All physical components are easily installed and delivered with the system package, with the primary component being one AWDU unit (Analysis While Drilling Unit) for each drilling boom.

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