Global launch of new WE6000i telescopic chute at Hillhead

Global launch of new WE6000i telescopic chute at Hillhead

Hillhead 2016 will see the launch of the new, highly cost effective, WE6000i telescopic chute. Based on the market leading WE series, this has been developed to be fed by conveyors with a belt width of less than 800 mm. Its unique features minimize dust emissions, boosting the operational efficiency of the site, as well as benefitting the environment of the workplace and surrounding areas.

Better environment, improved product quality

Less dust emissions means lower clean-up costs, and reduced need for maintenance, service and repair work all over the plant. Using a telescopic chute also reduces stock pile segregation and improves product quality. Our new WE6000i telescopic chute has been designed to prevent the emissions of dust and loss of material, thereby improving operational efficiency and the environment in which it is used. A key feature of the chute that enables it to produce such benefits is that a vacuum is created inside it by the material flow, reducing the requirement for expensive, service demanding filtration systems.

Wide area of use

Our new WE6000i telescopic chute is designed to be used in a variety of areas and applications, with the chute itself being of a simple and rugged design. It possesses an extremely good ratio between minimum and maximum length, with the number of conical chute segments varying depending on the height of the stockpile and that of the feed conveyor.

Automatic level adjustment

The WE6000i telescopic chute can be operated from the control panel, via a PLC with automatic level sensor or manually via remote control. The chute senses its height above the material stockpile and automatically adjusts, minimizing the risk of dust emissions. In addition, the wire winches are equipped with limit switches.

Optimized conical chute segment design

Possessing a unique, modular design, the WE6000i, along with all of the WE series of telescopic chutes, allows for a choice of materials to be used in different applications. The construction of the chute segment is optimized for flexibility, long life and material flow. This user-friendly design enables easy maintenance, providing savings for operations wherever it is used.

Features and benefits

  • Minimizes the risk of dust emission
  • Improves employee working conditions
  • Improves the neighboring environment
  • Reduces material segregation and contamination
  • Improves product quality
  • Reduces maintenance and clean-up cost
  • Improves work safety

As an ideal aid to the quarrying, aggregates and recycling industries, we will be demonstrating the WE6000i at Hillhead 2016. The Sandvik Construction stand will be located at: Stand J1.

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