Göteborgs Gräv & Maskin AB chooses Liebherr excavators for their exceptional operator comfort

Göteborgs Gräv & Maskin AB chooses Liebherr excavators for their exceptional operator comfort

Swedish company Göteborgs Gräv & Maskin AB (GMAB) specialises in earthmoving and excavating operations, and has been working closely with Liebherr since 2012. The company currently has five earthmoving machines, including an R 936 Multi User crawler excavator for long-reach digging.

During a machinery demonstration held at Liebherr-Sverige AB in Gothenburg in 2012, Pierre Härentorp, responsible for the company’s machinery, and local sales rep Carl Ljungqvist, were able to see for themselves the high quality, comfort and hydraulic power of Liebherr machinery. That year, GMAB purchased a Liebherr R 926 crawler excavator and a Liebherr A 918 Compact wheeled excavator.

Since this promising start, GMAB has put five more orders Liebherr’s way. All five were for crawler excavators, and the company now also has an R 924, an R 926 Compact and an R 936 — the latter with specially designed Multi User equipment for a 15.6-metre reach developed with Liebherr-France SAS in Colmar — and two R 926 machines with Stage IV engines due for delivery in summer 2017.

The R 936 Multi User: a very special crawler excavator

GMAB’s interest in the R 936 Multi User dates back to 2013. The type’s longer excavator unit and special kinematics are ideal for foundation work for large buildings. The development work included intensive collaboration with the design office at Liebherr-France SAS. Following careful analysis of GMAB’s requirements and numerous customised modifications to the excavator unit, Liebherr-France SAS was able to deliver the machine in 2015.

This R 936 Multi User has 900 mm wide track shoes, an LCV type undercarriage with variable track width, an 8.55 m straight monoblock boom and a 6.30 m long stick.

Liebherr’s standard diesel engine delivers 170 kW/231 hp and meets IIIB/Tier 4i emissions standards. With a 7.7 tonne counterweight, the Liebherr R 936 Multi User crawler excavator has a nominal weight of approximately 40 tonnes.

To cope with the shorter days of the long Swedish winters, the crawler excavator is equipped — like all of GMAB’s excavators — with several additional LED lights. This offers optimal lighting and excellent visibility in all working and daylight conditions. Liebherr manufactures and factory fits spotlights, rotary warning beacons and other lighting components.

Gräv & Maskin uses a wide range of Liebherr models

Gräv & Maskin currently has five excavators, with two more machines on the way. The decision to choose Liebherr was based primarily on the comfortable cab, the smooth and precise hydraulics and the availability of extensive on-site Liebherr servicing.

Liebherr’s cabs are built using the latest advances in ergonomics. They are equipped as standard with large panels connected to the operator’s position, and horizontal and vertical pneumatic seat damping for maximum operator comfort.

The hydraulic components in Liebherr excavators are of exceptional quality, and developed using proven processes. Liebherr manufactures all of its own hydraulic system components to ensure they always meet the relevant application and customer requirements. The result is hydraulic solutions that are both flexible and easy to manoeuvre.

The Liebherr Group’s contracting division is represented in Sweden by Liebherr-Sverige AB, which was founded in Västerås in 2006. Since then, it has been responsible for local sales and servicing of heavy machinery. With a total of six service centres throughout Sweden, the company offers professional servicing and fast delivery of spares nationwide. For Göteborgs Gräv & Maskin AB, the proximity of Liebherr’s agents in the Gothenburg area means a competent partner is never far away.

A Swedish speciality: tiltrotators for tilting and rotating tools in various directions

All of GMAB’s excavators are equipped with tiltrotators which substantially increase their operating capability. A tiltrotator enables quick, effective work, even under difficult conditions. Special functions such as double-sided 360° rotation make the hydraulic excavators versatile work tools with excellent potential.

The Swedish company Rototilt® developed the tiltrotator as a machine tool in the 1980s. The system’s numerous tilting and rotation capabilities make for more flexible work on site, turning excavators into genuinely universal tools.

Nowadays, tiltrotators of various makes are sold all over the world. In Sweden, this is standard equipment on all wheeled and crawler excavators.

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