HIMOINSA China celebrates its 10th year anniversary

HIMOINSA China celebrates its 10th year anniversary

The factory that HIMOINSA established in China in 2006 has brought together the whole distribution network in Asia-Pacific to celebrate its 10th anniversary in the country. The attendees learnt about the new launches of the year, the market situation in APAC and the special projects that HIMOINSA has done in the region.

The new Yanmar range, the LPG lighting tower and the customized product for some of the markets were the main topics of discussion during the event. All distributors took a tour in the newly renovated facilities of HIMOINSA in the city of Changzhou, to learn about the production process of the generator sets and lighting towers and the new improvements in engineering and quality procedures that the factory has implemented recently.

“The Asia-Pacific region is developing at a very fast pace and the demand for generator sets is increasing”, states Marco Perillo, General Manager at HIMOINSA Far East. “Our factory in China is able to deliver the right product adapting it to the needs of every market and therefore our position as generator brand is escalating.” For example, the Australian market “demands a very heavy duty product”, states Aaron Robins, Sales Director of Generator Power, HIMOINSA distributor in Australia. “The Engineering team in HIMOINSA China did an excellent job adapting the product to meet the market requirements. We really do appreciate the effort that the whole team in Asia provides in all areas of our partnership, it really is incredible”.

The HIMOINSA factory layout in China keeps the same quality standard than the rest of the eight factories that HIMOINSA has around the world. It manufactures generator sets, lighting towers and control panels and distributes them through 22 different countries in Asia-Pacific, a region with an ever growing demand on diesel and gas generator sets due to the fast development of countries such as Philippines, Thailand, Bangladesh or Vietnam.

“We have been HIMOINSA dealer for 17 years now and our relationship with HIMOINSA is excellent, with great support from the Singapore office and very fast communication and response rate”, states Panchanok Temiyasen-Managing Director of Gateway Intertrade, HIMOINSA distributor in Thailand.

Due to the great differences in requirements for generators in the different countries of the region, HIMOINSA China has learnt to adapt the production to meet the demand. The European design, the engineering expertise and the flexibility in the production process, results in a high quality product that is very competitive and that has consolidated the brand in China and has risen its popularity in the rest of Asia-Pacific region.

The Asia Pacific market is one of the most important to the company. In 2015, the APAC sales reached the 18% of the HIMOINSA Group revenue. Figures which will increase in the next years due to the growth strategy the company is working on.

Carlos Ibañez, Managing Director of HIMOINSA China, ensures that “having a great team that is well coordinated and that listens to the demands of the distributors is the key to keep growing. We have had 10 successful years in China, where we started manufacturing the industrial range back in 2006 and nowadays we manufacture the full product range and have a broad experience in special projects with high and medium voltage generators.”

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