Manitou Group at BAUMA, Handling your World

The Manitou Group was attending Bauma (Munich), the international exhibition dedicated to construction equipment, with over 12 new handling solutions. Handling your world is the guiding principle for the group, which will be dedicating its attendance to innovation for the different needs of its customers in terms of applications, usage conditions, working environment, geographical area and many other factors. 


bauma 2016

 MT 420 H New Buggy, essential for confined spaces

The MT 420 New Buggy meets an increasing requirement of users in terms of compact design. It adds to the Manitou compact telescopics segment, on which the MT 625 (6m/2.5t) is already present. This new ultra-compact truck is particularly aimed at the market for renovation and urban work, where sites are increasingly confined, as well as industrial maintenance. It suits the materials-handling requirements of builders merchants. This type of truck is also sought-after by rental companies who wish to provide their customers with multifunction equipment that is easy to use.

Manitou is returning to the segment with a very compact truck, only 1.49 m wide and 3.67 m long (at the carriage) and 1.90 m high. Its compact design does not affect its performance because its maximum lifting height is 4.28 m for a load capacity of 2t. The MT 420 New Buggy is equipped with 4 wheel drive and all wheel steer for all-terrain capability and greater maneuverability. It includes a hydrostatic transmission, which enables great flexibility in approach and precision of movements that is particularly useful on confined work sites.

This new MT uses the same cab as the MT 625, recognized for its comfort and simplicity. The dashboard is intuitive and movements are carried out via the JSM control.

It is offered with the standard Manitou carriage or the skid steer carriage as an option, with a catalog full of accessories, which makes it highly versatile in application: loading/unloading lorries, placing loads, distributing materials,… The MT 420 New Buggy will be marketed from the 1st quarter 2017.
“Manitou is returning to the ultra-compact segment with a machine specially designed to provide a solution to the constraints of customers working on sites that are ever more confined. Its performance is really high with a capacity of 2t in relation to the compactness that it provides (1.49 m wide)”, Kévin Arnou, MT Product Manager.

MRT 2145, simplicity on applications at great height

The new MRT 2145 supplements the MRT Easy range (MRT 1440, 1640, 1840) with a lifting capacity – 21 m – and a load capacity – 4.5t – that are higher. It continues the Easy concept, which offers machines that are simple to use and maintain, with efficiency adapted to the requirements of customers, particularly hirers.

The MRT 2145 Easy is light (14t) and compact (6.59 m at the heel of the forks), which makes it a machine particularly adapted to confined work sites. Its compact design, combined with a small turning circle, give it great maneuverability. The hydrostatic transmission gives precision and flexibility in approach to handling in confined environments.

The MRT 2145 Easy is equipped with new stabilizers of the spider type (patented Manitou system), which gives it great stability and enables a large working area. It has a new boom with hydraulic hoses routed inside for better protection. It includes a proven Perkins stage 3B engine, 102 cv (75kW) delivering power adapted to all-terrain ground.

The basic cab includes a dashboard identical to all of the MRT, which makes it easy to get started for operators who are used to using this range of machines. This new great-height MRT 2145 Easy is offered with several accessories, forks, access platform, crane jib, winch,…, providing a 3 in 1 solution to its users: telescopic, mobile crane and access platform.  This new model will be available from the second quarter 2016.

“The MRT 2145 Easy was designed for customers who are looking for a simple and efficient machine, compact, with an attractive price. The users of MRT Privilege will have different requirements in terms of comfort and performance. To meet these separate requirements, Manitou has chosen to offer appropriate solutions.” Thomas Chesnay, MRT/MHT Product Manager.

MT 625 HA, a complementary application for a versatile telescopic truck 

The MT 625, which is 6 meters in height and has a maximum capacity of 2.5t, is one of Manitou’s best sellers. This model’s compact size (width and height <2m) and maneuverability enable it to carry out most handling jobs: placing pallets on the first floor of a building, unloading trucks, loading or unloading bulk goods and working in tight spaces.

The MT 625 HA is equipped with a Kubota 75HP (55 kW) STIIIB engine and features a ‘flow sharing’ hydraulic distributor to perform several movements at the same time and so increase productivity on site.

It combines numerous advantages for users: flexible driving and precise movement thanks to the hydrostatic transmission, ergonomy with intuitive commands and a cab for which visibility has been made a priority and simplified maintenance. All of the MT 625’s characteristics and functions are ideally suited to companies’ requirements for simplicity and versatility. As a multi-function truck, the MT 625 is available for sale with several accessories. It now has 2 new types of platform, one 200 kg capacity (2-person) 1.20m platform and one 365 kg capacity (3-person) 2m platform, offering the highest capacity on the market. This new function enables personnel lifting to be added to the numerous applications already available for this model.

“This new model has been designed in particular to provide a response to the needs of local authorities and utilities who are looking for compact and highly versatile machines for maintenance and inspection duties”.


bauma 2016

Optimized capacities and applications for the MRT 2150 and 2550 Privilège + 

The existing rotating telescopic truck models, the MRT 2150 and 2540 (now the 2550) have been redesigned to increase performance in terms of capacity. With an improved load chart thanks to new stabilizers, these new machines meet customers’ demands for more height and working capacity. Lifting capacities reach 20.6 and 24.6 m respectively for a maximum capacity of 5 tonnes, with the load chart adapting to the stabilizers’ deployed length. This development is particularly useful for work in platform mode.

The ground clearance on stabilizers has been increased from 18 to 23 cm to improve the machine’s all-terrain capacities. Visibility has also been optimized by lowering the boom position.

These new trucks are equipped with a Mercedes 156 HP (114 kW) ST4 Final engine for high performances that meet customers’ needs. They feature a new gearbox to make changing gear easier. These new models will be available from the second quarter of 2016.

“Comfort elements are particularly important for Privilège range users. In addition to performance, we have also made a few improvements to the interior of the cab: telephone holder, USB port and new screen position and design to make it easier to read.” Thomas Chesnay, MRT/MHT product manager.

An EASY range for the rental market

The EASY concept combines the Manitou strategy (‘Simply Manitou’), reliability, effectiveness, component quality and service to propose a simplified equipment and engine version to make the equipment easier to use.

These machines are particularly simple to use thanks to the integration of the JSM (Joystick Switch and Move) as standard. These models continue to provide highly satisfactory all-terrain capabilities thanks their 4-wheel drive power, their oscillating rear axle and their ground clearance of at least 37 cm. Maneuverability is guaranteed by the 3 steering modes available. The Easy range machines have the same service and warranty conditions as all other Manitou machines.

These simple to use and maintain telescopic trucks are particularly well-suited to the rental market. The “downsized” engines provide optimized performances that are adapted to this type of use. New units will be available for this range of machines with a lifting height of between 6 and 18 m that currently has 3 models available, the MT 625H Easy, MT 732 Easy and MT 932 Easy.

This 3-model range will be completed in 2016 with the launch of 10 new machines, including the MT 1030 and 1840 which will be exhibited at Bauma: MT 835, MT 1135, MT 1135 HA, MT 1335, MT 1335 H, MT 1335 HA, MT 1435, MT 1440.


Press conference. bauma 2016

MT 1030 & 1840 Easy, 10 & 18 meters for rental

The MT 1030 & 1840 Easy are equipped with a simple to maintain 75HP (55 kW) STIIIB Deutz engine with no DPF or Adblue, which provides performances that are ideally suited to rental use.

The MT 1030 Easy proposes a lifting height of 9.98m (with stabilizers) and a maximum capacity of 3t. This is the ideal truck for customers who are looking to strike a balance between compact size and effectiveness; its dimensions: width 2.34m, height 2.30m, overall length 4.99m.

The MT 1840 Easy has a lifting height of 17.55m (with stabilizers) and a maximum capacity of 4t. It provides an excellent alternative for major height requirements.

The truck is easy to maneuver thanks to the standard joystick (JSM). The model is available in 2 types of finish, standard or comfort. These two models will be available for sale mid-2016.

“The Easy range has been available for rotating telescopic trucks (MRT) for a few years now, so we have chosen to roll it out to telescopic trucks (MT) too. Our objective is to provide our customers with a technical and economical solution that is adapted to their applications and still meets new engine regulations.”, Kévin Arnou, MT Product Manager.

GEHL 650/750 & MUSTANG 608/708, designed for severe environments

These two models represent a total of 4 new models, Gehl 650/750 and Mustang 608/708, available in 2016.

The 600 versions are fitted with a Yanmar 62HP (46KW) engine and the 700 versions with a Deutz 75HP (55 KW) engine, both stage 3B. These new machines will widen the range of Gehl and Mustang articulated loaders in the 60 – 80 hp sector. Weighing 4 to 5 tonnes, they represent the largest units in the range and include comfort equipment as standard, such as digital displays on the instruments, the Power-A-Tach™ system (quick hydraulic coupling) and a manual accelerator. The models exhibited at the show have a wide range of available options and a canopy and cab which have been completely redesigned.

“These new models have been designed to respond to severe working environments”, specifies Frédérik Crul, Compact Equipment Products Manager. “With steel hydraulic piping, a reversible ventilator and reinforced mud guards, these new loaders have all the characteristics they need for agricultural applications. They are between 1.6m and 2.0m and so may be used for both commercial and industrial applications, with dedicated options such as high rate auxiliary hydraulics or LED working lights”.

M 70-2H, high capacity handling for large spaces

The M 70-2H masted truck finds its place in the European market for handling operations that require significant lifting height within open spaces.

With capacity of 7 tonnes (at 600 mm), its width means it is extremely stable and is ideally suited for handling long and/or heavy loads. It has a 75 HP (55 kW) ST4 Deutz engine that provides the power needed for high capacity applications.

This 2 wheel drive machine has a hydrostatic transmission to provide driving comfort and precise movements. The M 70-2H’s robustness qualities are combined with significant ground clearance and a reduced turning circle, making this truck highly effective in handling operations in extreme environments.

MH 25, an all-purpose truck adapted to light use

This 2.5t capacity masted truck is available with a 49HP (36 kW) Kubota engine and is simple to use and maintain. It is equipped with 4 drive wheels with a new system to switch to 2 wheel drive with hydrostatic transmission to make the truck easier for the operator to drive and increase movement precision. Large front tyres combined with high ground clearance and a short turning circle provide the MH 25 with excellent all-terrain qualities.

Switching from 4 to 2 wheel drive enables the machine to operate on stabilized ground that does not require 4 drive wheels. This function is part of the REDUCE TCO approach since it enables fuel consumption and tire wear to be reduced. The switch to 4×2 also significantly increases the machine’s movement speed from 14 to 24 km/h.

The MH 25 is available with a wide choice of tire types to suit every type of environment.


bauma 2016


Reduce is in the air – New

The access platforms now incorporate the Reduce program. Manitou’s Research and Development has established a new protocol for measuring consumption that is appropriate to access platform cycles, audited and validated by the UTAC.

This protocol includes the 4 phases of work with access platforms, namely elevation, work cycles, driving and engine idling. As for telescopics, users have access to a web application where they can enter their data to display their consumption.

They can also check their productivity directly on the application.

Each Manitou access platform is also systematically labeled with its average consumption, like the range of telescopics.

Energy consumption has been a concern for many years, which has led Manitou to develop access platforms with optimized engine powers, quite often below competing machines. Also, all of the diesel access platforms have electronic management. These enable the engine speed to be automatically adapted according to the control activated by the operator. This system avoids continuously running the engine at maximum power, which is often seen in the use of competing access platforms.

This management can reduce the noise (compared to an engine and its fan which is constantly at maximum), which increases operator comfort, reduces fuel consumption and also preserves the engine from wear.

There are also savings in terms of productivity. The Manitou access platforms include a system for electronically managing movements, which can adapt the speed of each of them according to the controls activated by the operator. This system can provide rapid unitary movements while remaining within allowed limits in case of combined movements. Result: optimized raising and positioning time with increased safety.

The Reduce application helps to measure the impact of this eco-design. The results enable Manitou teams to work on the structure and optimization of systems, to find the right product compromise which reduces the consumption of machines. The program includes a customer education part, which is essential to act on the consumption of machines.

REDUCE Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

The sustainable management of the life-cycle of the machine (acquisition, use, repair, reuse and end of life) is a challenge for the group, in strengthening the loyalty of its customers and promoting optimal management of resources for the future.

On the acquisition market, more than ever, the list price remains a predominant criterion in choosing a truck. But behind the purchase price of the machine are other direct and indirect costs throughout the life-cycle of the product, such as maintenance, fuel or electricity consumption, user training, resale value, etc.

We are well aware that product performance alone no longer makes the difference. This is why the Reduce approach includes, as well as the Reduce Fuel eco-program, a new component called Reduce Total Cost of Ownership.

Reduce TCO is a program that can represent all costs forming part of the total cost of ownership. This initiative highlights the most important cost centers, to raise the awareness of users in reducing or optimizing them.

To display everything, Manitou has finalized a TCO calculator available on a website:

Customers enter their data, such as the desired number of years of use, the number of hours of activity, insurance, maintenance,… and adjust the various parameters to obtain all of the hourly costs of the machine.

The result is also displayed in graphical form, to display the breakdown of the various cost items in overall TCO. From this data, the user has better understanding to be able to act on the most significant cost centers. In this 1st phase of the tool, the data is entered according to the customer’s perception of use. For the moment, it is not a measurement tool.

Manitou is the 1st manufacturer to communicate concerning a TCO approach, to include this concept from the design of its machines and to provide its customers with a tool to provide them with information.

The choice of machine is decisive, hence the importance of informing customers, before they begin the purchase process, of all costs involved in the solution proposed by manufacturers.

Developments REDUCE Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) – New

This web site has already seen developments because Manitou has included the average data from construction machines to refine the results displayed.

This development concerns the MT 625, 732, 835, 932, 1135, 1335, 1440 and 1840.

Another improvement: customers can also include the maintenance contract that they have or wish to buy, as well as a list of options for controlling certain cost centers: the Stop & Go, the Easy Manager or the filter kits. Taking the Stop & Go option on an MT 1840 can, for example, reduce the TCO by 1.2€/h. Through this approach, the Manitou Group is consolidating its approach of being a provider of solutions to its customers.

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