The Manitou Group takes part in CeMAT

The Manitou Group is exhibiting at CeMAT as a player in the industrial market. The show provides an opportunity for the group to unveil the new electric forklift trucks in the ME range, with which the Manitou Group aims to offer its clients a comprehensive range of industrial trucks with improved performance and a design and ergonomics that were in keeping with the MI range. Among the new products on display, the group will also be exhibiting two new warehousing applications.

With the industrial market moving towards digitisation and automated machine management, the Manitou Group is setting itself apart with its easy-to-use, intuitive and easily maintained trucks. The Manitou brand entered the market in 2012 with the launch of 12 industrial truck models (MI). The MI range has now met its client base, with over 6,000 trucks sold and growth of 25-30% per year since it was launched.

At a time when warehouse working standards are becoming increasingly strict, the Manitou Group is developing its range of industrial trucks with the new ME range, powered by an electric motor and designed for light to moderate use and to meet increased user safety and environmental protection requirements.

ME 315 C – 24V, designed for restricted spaces

me315c_NEW 2

The new ME 315 C 24V is the latest addition to the ME 48V range for use in confined spaces.

This new electric truck is designed for administrations, hospitals, small stores and any other premises where there is limited room for circulation. It is aimed primarily at distribution centres and even a variety of different industries.

The ME 315 C has been carefully examined to offer an alternative design and to be easy and intuitive to use in order to complement the existing 3-wheel forklift truck segment. Its ergonomics are designed to make driving easier thanks to a simplified dashboard and access from both sides using a step and a wide handle.

The ME 315 C has a lifting capacity of 1.5t and its 24V battery means it can be used on a daily basis in the work station. There are also a number of optional attachments available, as well as a comprehensive range of tyres to best suit the working environment.

ME 418/420/425 C – 48V, designed for factory logistics

me418_NEW 2

Manitou is launching three new 48V models (ME 418, ME 420 and ME 425 C) with lifting capacities of 1.8t, 2t and 2.5t respectively.

These new 4-wheel electric trucks can be used on logistics platforms, in warehouses, at distribution centres, in industry and in the food-processing sector and are also designed to load and unload lorries (ramps).

The ME 418, 420 and 425 C 48V models feature a new design whilst maintaining the same dimensions as the current range, as well as ergonomics designed to facilitate access to the work station through quick and intuitive handling. Their 48V batteries also mean that they can be used on a daily basis in the work station. These products already come with a variety of options, as well as hydraulic controls using a mini-lever and the possibility of changing the battery through the side of the vehicle.

ME 440/445/450 – 80V, designed for heavy loads

me440_NEW 2

Manitou is offering its clients three new high-tonnage trucks designed to complete the current 80V range and satisfy heavy handling needs in the form of the ME 440, 445 and 450.

Designed to deal with heavy loads, they have lifting capacities of 4t, 4.5t and 5t respectively.

They can also be adapted to different environments and fields of activity, such as the automotive industry, the paper industry, logistics platforms and lorry loading and unloading operations in

These new products offer the travel and lifting speeds so vital to intensive use. Furthermore, the cab can be accessed from either side, thus making it more ergonomic.

The ME 440, 445 and 450 models are easy to use thanks to their intuitive controls and a simplified monitor. There are a wide range of options available to enable the client to equip the truck to suit their specific needs.

Exhibited at CeMAT

  • EP 18 electric pallet truck
  • EMA II 13 electric articulated truck
  • ES 507 GPF electric stacker
  • 100 VJR rotating vertical platform
  • ES 412 electric stacker
  • MI 18 G 1.8t gas forklift truck
  • MI 25 D 2.5t diesel forklift truck
  • MI 45 G 4.5t gas forklift truck
  • MI 100 10t diesel forklift truck
  • MSI 35 3.5t semi-industrial truck
  • TMM 20 2t on-board forklift truck
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