MTG announces investment plans for the expansion of its plant in Monzón, Spain

The company is investing of 13.500.000 euros during 2015 to enlarge its plant in Monzón, Huesca, creating approximately 80 new jobs before the end of 2016.  

The foundry, one of the most modern in Europe, is equipped with state-of-art technology for the production of wear parts for mining and construction earth moving machinery with a current yearly production of 5.000 tonnes. The 13.500.000 euros investment is being distributed between the end of 2014 and 2016 and will go to new infrastructures and machinery to increase the production capacity up to 14.000 yearly tonnes.

During this expansion phase, the company has created almost 50 new jobs in Monzón that have been added to the crew of 86 workers in 2014, and is planning to enlarge the staff even more before the end of this year.

Since its inauguration in 2012, the balance of the factory in Monzón has been very positive. The plant is specialized in the production of large wear parts, something very special in the wear parts market given the huge investment in technology necessary to produce such parts. This investment endorses the company’s good business perspectives, mostly to continue serving the construction and mining global markets.

98% of the company’s sales are exports to countries such as Sweden, Indonesia, Australia or Canada. These expansion plans will help consolidate the strategic plan of the company towards the future.

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