Palazzani enters in Kazakhstan

The 2015 has ended with a welcome goal for Palazzani, the delivery of the first Spider Platform in Kazakhstan.

The Kazakhstan economic boom of the latest years is well known. Cities are changing their aspects very fast, raising a skyline of five stars hotels, health centres and shopping malls every year. The big building and infrastructure programmes secure to Kazakhstan the second position in the Central and South Asia regional ranking of the 2015 Global Innovation Index.

The delivery of RAGNO TSJ 27/C was successfully made by United Gulf Equipment Rentals LLC, thanks to its effective business strategy and presence in the territory.

TS Development Company Kazakh Shymkent LLP, the final customer, is known as one of the best Companies in the Country in real estate, working for construction and maintenance of commercial buildings all over Kazakhstan. The Company aim is to improve the citizen’s life quality by offering buildings of high innovation and technology level. TSJ 27/C will be used during the building phase of the structure and lately for its maintenance and it was chosen on crawler version and Bi-energy execution, with no-marking tracks to operate also indoor.

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