Palazzani XTJ 52, the highest Spider Palazzani, goes to France

Palazzani XTJ 52, the highest Spider Palazzani, goes to France

July 9, 2018

Another Palazzani Spider XTJ 52 goes to France and precisely to Serviloc Nacelles, a French Rental Company specialized in lifting machines and providing aerial access solutions with operators for all sectors: construction, services, industry, cleaning, industrial maintenance.

Mr. Benoit Balu, the CEO of Serviloc Nacelles who already knew Palazzani with a TSJ 39 Spider in his fleet since 2011, introduced one XTJ 52 Spider on 2018, the queen of Palazzani range.

This was a strategic decision, considering the possibility to face the mainly growing demand in France of aerial interventions to high telephone and TV anthems frequently located in difficult positions, such as mountains, slopes or places hardly reachable by other types of aerial platforms. Further to this application, many other will be working sites for this machine, such as the usual indoor and outdoor maintenance and cleaning of building i.e.

SPIDER XTJ 52 is in fact a machine of 52 meters of max w/h, 19.5 m outreach, all in very compact dimensions (8898 mm long ‐ 2400 mm high – 1450 mm wide) and low weight.

A careful attention to the configuration of this precious machine has been study between Mr. Balu and Palazzani commercial staff in ordering phase, to get the most customized machine for French market. Among the various optional items, such as 400 kg in the cage, anemometer, etc., it is installed with a 500 kg hydraulic, to be used also as a Spider Crane, for all applications requiring material lifting, such as glasses positions, with a great versatility.

Another Palazzani Spider entered their fleet this year: the new TZ 330 with pantograph arm. This new machine inmediately went out in various working site in France for rental, with enthusiastic feedback. RAGNO TZ 330 is technologically an extraordinary machine, inheriting all features belonging to the latest generation of Palazzani Spiders, plus a variable flow up, can‐bus technology to grant the highest safety level, sharp movements and low consumption. A machine of 32 meters working height and 16.5 meters outreach, with a 16 meters up and over at 12 meters high wich surprises for its ease of maneuvering, movement sensitivity and high performance.

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