Rental Company GLOBEN celebrates 25th Anniversary with order of Genie® machines

Rental Company GLOBEN celebrates 25th Anniversary

Rental company Globen celebrated its 25th anniversary in June by adding 25 new Genie® lifts to its fleet. By adding one new lift for each year, Globen is not only honoring its heritage and history, but also reinforcing its commitment to providing maximum satisfaction to its customers with quality equipment and services.

José Luis Espinosa, Globen General Manager, explains: “It all started when my father, Cristóbal Espinosa Marco, saw a platform lift in action on one of his business trips. At that moment, he had a ‘crazy’ idea that there was a great need in the market and that it was still unexplored. Within weeks, he showed up at our house with a truck-mounted platform, which, for a while, was the only lift in the fleet of our family’s nascent company.”

One lift soon became many lifts, as Genie self-propelled lifts were added to the fleet, Espinosa says, adding: “Genius or madman? Time has proven my father right, and he was indeed a visionary genius.”

Globen now boasts more than 200 machines in its fleet, with Genie making up a significant portion of its equipment.

“We have opted for Genie because we believe we share the same values and commitment, excellent quality accompanied by the best service and prioritizing safety, first and foremost,” Espinosa says. “Today, it is still a pleasure to continue renewing a fleet designed by and for our customers, because they deserve it.”

Globen’s 25th anniversary order is comprised of 17 GS E-Drive electric scissor lifts and eight articulated Z® booms, all of which were equipped with the Genie Lift Connect™ telematics system. Espinosa notes that Lift Connect is an important tool because it allows the Globen team to deliver superior support for its customers by solving many problems remotely, in less time, with fewer resources. In terms of the machines themselves, the Z booms were selected for their versatility, horizontal reach and maneuverability, while the 100% electric E-Drive scissor lifts were chosen for their low maintenance, ability to perform on a wide range of applications, and smaller environmental footprint.

“As an engineer, I am particularly passionate about the latest technological trends. In our company, we are not afraid to take steps forward and adapt to new productivity technologies. We always want to be on the cutting edge, to offer more efficient and safer equipment to our customers,” he says. “Taking that step forward with an experienced manufacturer is a guarantee of success.”

Although Espinosa is enjoying celebrating 25 years in business, like his father, he has a vision for the future, which includes another purchase to commemorate another 25 years in the industry, saying: “Maybe we can celebrate our 50th anniversary with a new package of more Genie machines!”

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