Stavdal receives delivery of 71 Genie machines

Stavdal receives delivery of 71 Genie machines

Taking the second delivery of Genie machines in less than 18 months, Swedish rental company Stavdal AB has received the final units of a recent order of 71 Genie booms and scissor lifts, offering working heights from 5.8 to 38 m. This order included the new 11.75-m bi-energy Genie GS™-3369BE scissor lift and 20-m all-electric Genie Z™-60/37 DC articulating boom.

Moving forward to an increasingly successful future, since the new year Stavdal has again renewed its confidence in Genie with an order for 67 more of the brand’s Z-30/20N RJ and Z-34/22DC articulating booms, S™-85 telescopic booms, GS™-1932 and GS-2646 scissor lifts,  and compact GTH™-2506 telehandlers.

For Stavdal, ranked as one of the fastest growing rental fleets in Sweden, its healthy development also comes as the result of the Genie Service Solutions (GSS) ’Planned Maintenance‘ package contracted by the company just under two years ago.

“With uptime at an all-time high of 99.7 percent, downtime at an average of just 0.03 percent, which has resulted in 18 extra rental days a year for each machine, the advantages of our GSS Planned Maintenance contract speak for themselves,” says Mikael Olsson, CEO Stavdal AB, Vastra Frolunda, Sweden.

In addition to reaping the benefits of a 25 percent reduction in maintenance costs, including the related economy of 40 resource hours per machine per annum, “The advantages of this GSS Planned contract have allowed us to do more than simply invest to grow and renew our fleet,” says Mr. Olsson.  “It has also meant that we have the peace of mind of knowing that our machines are all well-maintained and serviced at the recommended intervals to keep them safe and productive.

“At the same time, this solution has also provided us with extra time to focus on the quality of the support that we provide to our contractors and end-user customers. This adds up to being extremely positive for our activity as a whole,” explains Mr. Olsson.

Focusing on compliancy with current EN280 legislation and machinery directives, Skipworth continues: “As can be expected, Genie machines are delivered in conformity with current legislation, but as advised in our Service Manuals, to ensure they remain compliant, safe and working at their best in the long-term, this requires adhering to regular service events and inspections. For Planned Maintenance customers like Stavdal, all of these time-consuming duties are diligently covered by our skilled Genie technical service representatives or Authorised Service Providers.”

With more time to dedicate to its customers and to develop its business, Mr. Olsson concludes: “Our own technicians now benefit from the time to focus on major repairs, as well as ordering the parts they need. As a result, machines that used to be immobilised in our workshop for weeks on end are now back into the field sooner, which needless to say is much more profitable for our business!”.

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