Two Spider XTJ 32/C for O.Mec Company

Two Spider XTJ 32/C for O.Mec Company

March 14, 2018

Two Spider XTJ 32/C have recently been delivered to the Company O.Mec in Ancona, Italy. The Company mission is to offer services related to ordinary/extraordinary maintenance for machinery, plants, equipment, services for petrochemical, food, sugar, paper industry, shipbuilding and other industrial sectors.

Founded in 1989 by the industrial project of Mr. Gianfranco Bronzini, O.Mec currently involves over 100 employers, with branches in Italy and service provided to Algeria and Russia. In 2000 the new business division specialized in AWP rental business starts. The company obtains IPAF accreditation as AWP training centre.

The two Ragno Palazzani XTJ 32/C with Bi-energy power option (Diesel Engine + Electric Motor) will be used for civil and industrial activities (construction, maintenance, pruning, etc.). This machines choice derives from some activities needs of stowed dimensions to move in historic cities centres or of light weight to work indoor or on disconnected surfaces.
The company O.Mec are already Palazzani customers for years and these are just the two units just joined the other 4 Palazzani Spiders existing in their fleet.

The opinion on AWP Ragno Palazzani is excellent. “They are robust, reliable and easy-to-use machines. These are the reason why we decided to buy other 2 units!”, says satisfied Mr. Michele Mazzanti, Sales Director of O.Mec.

The two Spider XTJ 32/C are equipped with the hydraulic winch with 500 kg of lifting capacity, transforming the machine from Spider Lift to Spider Crane simply by replacing the basket with the winch; this option was needed by the purchaser, who received particular requests for lightweight machines to lift light materials too. In some cases, it is the only alternative to avoid hiring a large crane at considerable costs.

One of the strong points of O.Mec is trying to face criticisms by finding innovative solutions, turning them into opportunities to achieve new successes, providing to the customer easy to use and updated machines.

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