The Minsait rollout voted one of the world’s best communication campaigns

The Minsait rollout voted one of the world's best communication campaigns

The Minsait rollout has been voted one of the world’s best communication campaigns, having won the Bronze International Business Awards (known as the ‘Stevie Awards’) for “Communication or PR Campaign of the Year”, in the IT category.

The campaign to rollout Minsait, the Indra business unit that addresses the challenges of digital transformation for private companies and public institutions, lasted several months and involved the coordinated efforts of professionals from Indra’s Communication and Brand Areas alongside the teams responsible for the creation of Minsait.

These efforts culminated last February 10 in the creation and rollout of the Minsait brand and image, including aspects such as the brand idea ‘Sparking bright minds’, the commercial motto ‘Impact to go’, the FEEP (Foresee, Engage, Empower, Protect) model and suite of solutions, and a proprietary vision, set of values and commercial portfolio.

The multidisciplinary team responsible for the Minsait rollout simultaneously developed materials in different multimedia formats (special features, web series, etc.) to drive home the B2B focus and differential positioning of Minsait business solutions, using real case studies to highlight digital transformation successes.

Additionally, the team designed and published a sophisticated corporate website, created a solid professional presence for Minsait on social media (Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube), and managed the numerous rollout initiatives that Indra carried out with employees, the media, customers, authorities, partners and other stakeholders.

The International Stevie Awards are among the world’s premier business prizes and have carved out a position as one of the most prestigious and venerable competitions in the global communication sector.

At the 2016 edition of the awards, now in their 13th year, a jury comprising 200 executives, entrepreneurs, innovators and professors from around the globe assessed more than 3,800 entries presented by organizations of all types from more than 60 countries. This public selection process, which lasted approximately three months, culminated in the recognition of the best campaigns in areas such as Management, New Products, Customer Service, Marketing, and Communication. It was in this last category that the Minsait rollout was voted one of the world’s best campaigns.

For the Minsait rollout, Indra commissioned the communication consultants Llorente&Cuenca and Interbrand as the consultants for the branding project.

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