New Transforming Products from ALLU at Intermat 2018

New Transforming Products from ALLU at Intermat 2018

ALLU Group will be proudly exhibiting equipment from the Transformer and Processor ranges at Intermat 2018. As well as established equipment, ALLU will unveil the latest features of the equipment and launching a new, exciting development. These will enable customers to get even more from their investment.

The next Intermat will be held from the 23rd – 28th April in Paris. As one of the world’s leading construction equipment exhibitions, ALLU will be using the show to exhibit leading members of its Transformer and Processor ranges, outline the new features on the equipment and launch its latest development aimed at further enhancing customer business operations.

Transforming your business

The ALLU stand will be located in the inside earthmoving and demolition area of the extensive show ground. The purpose designed stand will enable ALLU to show visitors how the ALLU equipment is able to transform business operations, delivering improved productivity, efficiency and profitability. Amongst the equipment being shown will include a selection from the ALLU Processor and Transformer Series as well as other customer focused solutions.

ALLU Processor

Also featuring at the show will be the ALLU Processor. This state of the art piece of equipment has proved itself throughout the world on road construction, building developments, and various contaminated soil processing applications. The Processor enables companies to treat and quickly access low bearing capacity ground for infrastructure development by the use of fully mobile equipment. The method can also be used to remediate contaminated land, with the technology transforming hazardous constituents into a solid state thereby preventing pollution from dissolving in to the environment.

New Solution to be launched at Intermat 2018

As well as the above equipment, ALLU will be introducing for the very first time a two-way solution aimed at maximising customers’ investment. This will be shown and demonstrated at Intermat, enabling visitors to see at first-hand how ALLU is about much more than the supply of world-leading equipment.

The solution whatever your material

The ALLU Transformer Series comprises of an excavator/ loader/ tractor mounted processing bucket which screens, pulverizes, aerates, blends, mixes, separates, even crushes, feeds and loads materials. This results in the feed material being effectively transformed into highly valuable products, making your business more efficient, and more profitable.

Catering for applications of all sizes, and capable of processing any material that can be screened and sorted, the ALLU Transformer Series comprises of the compact DL & D Series as well as the truly massive M Series. All are designed to transform the way in which construction businesses are able to improve their efficiency and profitability.

Some applications and benefits include:

  • Landscaping and Agriculture: The ALLU DL Transformer Series makes the perfect attachment for landscaping and agricultural applications. From composting to aerating, top soil screening to waste and debris processing, all can be carried out on site. This truly mobile solution provides the versatility and flexibility to let you work more efficiently in the most challenging environments.
  • Earth Moving and Demolition: Through using ALLU Transformer attachment excavated soil and rubble will not need to be transported away and replaced with fresh soil. Not only does this result in substantial savings in material and transport costs, but no time is lost when waiting for replacement material. Additionally, binders can be mixed if the material handling includes additive requirements or stabilization.
  • Mining processes, Quarrying and Aggregates: Crushing and loading of raw material (e.g. soft lime stone) can be completed in one cycle. The process change reduces the need for buffer storage and extra material transportation, with capital expenditure being lower than for large stationary processing stations. This speeds up the transportation from one site to another and in some cases even eliminating the need for electricity thus delivering further cost savings and flexibility.

With the widest range of attachments on the market, the ALLU Transformer range enables businesses to choose the right piece of equipment to meet their very particular requirements. We look forward to showing at first-hand how we can help any business transform more than just its profits.

The stand at Intermat will be located at: Inside – Earthmoving and Demolition: Hall – 5A. Number – H 106.

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