ALPHA Series from HIDROMEK at Intermat 2018

ALPHA Series from HIDROMEK at Intermat 2018

INTERMAT, the International exhibition for construction and infrastructure, will take place from 23 to 28 April 2018 at Paris Nord Villepinte, France. HIDROMEK will be showcasing ALPHA Series, a fuel efficient machine which provides maximum work production, comfort and performance under the toughest conditions, and high efficiency for the operator even in the longest working hours.

ALPHA Series for the toughest working condition

One of the characteristics that makes the ALPHA Series different is the superior performance of front loader. Thanks to the bucket and arm breakout force of ALPHA Series, the machine drive the load without being stressed. Boom construction intended for heavy conditions has been designed for durability for long years. 6-in-1 loading bucket with 1,1 m3 capacity provides advanced level of loading performance. Thanks to the bucket geometry that is designed carefully, effective use of bucket capacity is obtained. Settling blade that has been fixed with bolted system may be used double-sided by easy exchange by the operator and without the need of service. Hinged joint on the cylinders of claw opening and closing prevents damages on the cylinders when lateral loads are exposed to during driving the loads. Thanks to the proportional control button on the front control lever, easy use is provided to the operator, claw speed and angle can easily be adjusted.

TIPSHIFT  (Forward-Reverse Direction Control) LEAVE TOUGH WORKS TO ALPHA!

Forward-reverse direction control on front loader control lever TIPSHIFT allows operator to make quicker manoeuvre during loading operation. It is provided so that the operator can make these controls easily and concentrate on loading process better.

In conventional loading works and manoeuvrability in limited spaces, the operator apply both loader and forward-reverse commands from a single point without losing steering wheel handling by using the button.

It provides occupational safety and comfort that operator uses it without breaking the contact with steering wheel and loader controller.

Excavation, Removal or Crushing Works…

ALPHA Series excavator group provided and designed for tough geographical and heavy working conditions increases the productivity with its solid construction and optional efficient hydraulic system that provides maximum breakout force even in the low rpms and that has maximum 163 lt. /min oil flow.

Rear joysticks that are optional in ALPHA models allow for easy control in the works such as lifting and lowering that require precision for operators. Joystick consoles that may be adjusted independently from each other provide ergonomic working environment.

Long hours of excavation works become pleasure with ALPHA Series that has wide visibility and ergonomic working environment.

ALPHA Series that has excellent weight distribution and wide stabilizers provides safer excavation opportunity in sloppy lands. Additional hydraulic line that is maintained as standard kit for hydraulic braker and attachment use does not prevent visibility during excavation and is not damaged in deep excavations.

Cushioning system in the excavation cylinder softens the movements at the ends of strokes, absorbs the impacts and prolongs the machine life.

Telescopic arm that has digging depth up to 5.80 m. provides an advantage in deep excavations and the works that require long reach.

With SmartLink, everything about your machine is on your desk or in your pocket

In the ALPHA Series backhoe loaders equipped with Hidromek SmartLink, there are special functions that can be reached with a single click such as many data and reporting services in relation with machine and its use for individual operators and fleets.

Hidromek SmartLink automatically receives the data in relation with the vehicle, GPS location of it and malfunction codes in vehicle terminals. Thus, it provides fast and effective service support (optional).

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