Cat 340F UHD and MH3024 Wheel Material Handler at DDR Expo 2017

Cat 340F UHD and MH3024 Wheel Material Handler at DDR Expo 2017

Caterpillar expertise in the areas of demolition and recycling will be evident at the DDR Expo 2017 in Brussels. The company will display two specialized machines, the Cat® 340F UHD (Ultra High Demolition) excavator and the Cat MH3024 wheel material handler, as well as a full line of specialized Cat demolition and recycling work tools, including hydraulic hammers, shears, pulverizers, and multi-processors.

340F UHD

The new Cat 340F UHD hydraulic excavator, designed and manufactured by Caterpillar and distributed through the Cat dealer network, provides 22 meters of vertical pin height and can handle loads of 3.6 tonnes at a 14-meter radius. Operating weights range from 44 100 to 50 400 kg, depending on undercarriage configuration (fixed- or variable-gauge) and front configuration (high-reach or short boom with three stick choices). A new boom-coupling system allows quickly configuring the front to the task.

The 340F UHD uses a 228 kW Cat C9.3 ACERTTM engine that meets EU Stage IV emission standards and provides three power modes to assist operators in controlling fuel consumption. Engine speed automatically reduces in light-load situations, and the engine shuts down after a preset idling interval. Maximum hydraulic-system flow is 570 L/min. at a main-relief pressure of 35 000 kPa. In heavy-lift mode, pressure increases to 38 000 kPa for added power. Maximum drawbar pull is 285 kN for optimum tractive effort and gradeability in all working situations.

The 340F UHD cab can be tilted back to provide the operator an optimal ergonomic position during high-lift operations, and an enlarged top window offers enhanced upward visibility. The demolition-type cab incorporates P5A reinforced windshield and top glass, and parallel wipers keep large glass areas clean. Front and top falling object guard structures (FOGS) provide added protection. Cab features include automatic climate control, heated/cooled seat options, and joystick controllers. The Cat active-stability monitoring system continuously informs the operator of work tool position within the safe working envelope and provides a warning when stability limits are approached.

MH3024 Wheel Material Handler

The MH3024 is a purpose-built material handler, designed for industrial and recycling applications, that can be configured to suit the task with its 6.8 m material-handling boom, straight or drop-nose sticks, undercarriage options dedicated to material handling applications, and optional front push blade. Equipped with the longest of its three stick options, the MH3024 has a maximum pin height of 13.3 m and a maximum reach of 12.4 m. Operating weights range from 23 330 to 27 000 kg, depending on front configuration, 5 200 kg counterweight, and blade option. Stick options include the 4.8 m straight-nose and two drop-nose versions at 4.9 and 5.9 m. This purpose-built design ensures durability and reliability in tough environments, with no compromise on safety, performance, reach and stability.

Rated at 126 kW maximum net power, the MH3024 Cat C7.1 ACERTTM engine meets EU Stage IV emission standards, and operation of the exhaust aftertreatment system is transparent to the operator. Fuel consumption is estimated at up to 10 percent less than with the predecessor model, and added fuel-saving features include auto engine speed control, engine idle shutdown, and an enhanced Eco Mode. An axial-flow fan precisely controls temperatures and reduces sound levels. Higher protection against heat is available, with an optional waste handling package that adds a reversing fan and vibrating grille to the standard fine mesh screen, protecting the cooling system and engine air-precleaner.

Integrated technologies include auto brake and axle lock, and automatic travel lock to simplify the operator’s tasks. Available features such as SmartBoom™ and joystick steering further enhance machine control.

Hydraulic-system features include a dedicated swing pump for faster, smoother operation, and the implement circuit provides both standard and heavy-lift modes. The auxiliary circuit has medium-pressure and high-pressure settings.

The MH3024 has been designed to afford maximum safety to operators with many standard features. The MH3024 has recently been awarded the Blue Angel certification for low sound and vibration levels. The cabin features an interior sound level of just 71 dB(A). A high-impact and impact-resistant windshields are available. An optional pre-filtration package for the cab eliminates dust entry and the cab filtration system ensures operators are safe from the contaminated air, protecting them against chemicals or particles that can be found in some industries.


Cat LINK technologies, such as the Product Link™ telematics system, on the 340F UHD and MH3024 machines provide access to machine data, such as location, hours, fuel consumption, idle time, events, and diagnostic codes, which are reported via the online VisionLink® user interface. The system assists machine owners achieve more effective asset management, improved productivity, and lower operating costs.

Specialized work tools

  • S2000 / S3000 Series Scrap Shears

These new shears feature a dual-offset-apex jaw design with a larger opening for high cutting forces; reinforcement for effectively distributing cutting forces; and a bolt-on piercing tip (patent-pending) that enhances productivity, while also protecting the jaw and shielding parent metal. Shears fit both Cat and competitive excavators weighing from 30 to 85 tons.

  • MP300 Series Multi-Processors

The MP300 Series multi-processors can be fitted with six jaw options to meet varied primary and secondary demolition requirements—whether crushing concrete or cutting iron and steel components—while also separating materials for recycling or disposal. Replaceable wear parts economically extend service life, and the patented Cat SpeedBooster, integrating both Speedvalve and Boostervalve technology, ensures high cutting forces and fast cycle times.

  • E-Series Hammers

The design of Cat E-Series hammers ensures reliability and long-term durability, while also allowing field serviceability with common hand tools. Features include automatic shut-off, silencing, and vibration buffering for operator comfort. Model H140Es is displayed.

  • P200 Series Pulverizers

P200 Series pulverizers are designed for secondary demolition, allowing recyclers to perform on-site, fine-crushing of concrete debris. P200 models separate concrete and reinforcement, reducing volume and saving dumping and transport costs. Wide-opening jaws with pick-up tips have reversible cutting edges and fast closing times, and a high force-to-weight ratio allows quick reduction of large volumes of concrete. Model P225 is displayed.

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