Haulotte, the European leader in lifting equipment is launching «HAULOTTE SMART SOLUTIONS» in France, Italy and Spain, an innovative offer that includes intelligent and connected machines, a financing solution and equipment maintenance for the whole contract duration. A solution that allows us to better meet our customers’ expectations!

Ensure control of your budget

Haulotte Smart Solutions helps customers to manage their fleet by knowing in advance their management costs. The monthly payments of the contract, from 4 to 6 years, are operational expenditures (OPEX), which do not affect the borrowing capacity and allow to keep the investment capacity for other projects.

Flexibility correlated to technicality

With Haulotte Smart Solutions, the customer has a wide range of high quality aerial work platforms, which includes the latest innovations for maximal productivity, allowing them to respond to any type of work site. Machines are all equipped with the Sherpal telematics solution to provide a better optimization of the utilization rates and an adjustment of the fleet. The length of the contract can be adapted to meet the budget and needs of the customer.

Bonus: no more maintenance management, Haulotte’s experts take care of it

Haulotte Smart Solutions free the customer from maintenance constraints as everything is included in the contract. No more technicians to hire and train, no more spare parts to order, no more spell out to organize, no more waste to collect and treat, no more administrative management, no more unexpected expenses for the maintenance of the machines… fleet management becomes simpler and the customer is able to focus on day to day operations of the business.

The SMART contract guarantees an intervention by Haulotte’s experts in less than 48 hours to reduce downtime, and the Sherpal telematics solution allows remote pre-diagnosis for a quick and efficient resolution of malfunctions.

An «ALL INCLUSIVE» contract for full peace of mind

Haulotte Smart Solutions is THE «ALL INCLUSIVE» solution: no more constraints on the availability with SMART machines, the customer is fully focused on their business. It’s a monthly rate that includes the machine and associated services to increase efficiency without management constraints. The customer can focus on his business, with all of his energy to provide the best solutions to his customers and his teams.

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