Phil Lomax from TCA Lifting Limited supplies the first Palazzani Aerial Platform XTJ 32/C to Mark Peers of  Proactive Access: specialist in lifting equipment in UK

Thanks to the long term cooperation between Palazzani and its Dealer in UK TCA Lifting Limited, one Ragno XTJ  32/C was delivered to Poractive Access last month. The company is based in the North West of the UK and  services a growing portfolio of customers and markets nationally.

The new spider from Palazzani offers 32m working height with a maximum lifting capacity of 330kg (3‐persons  + tools). Palazzani’s XTJ range all feature an articulating hydraulic extendable jib providing 6m up‐and‐over  clearance as well as below ground level access. The machine has some of the most compact stowed dimensions  within its class; 6.85m length x 1.1m width x 1.98m height, enabling access into buildings or congested spaces.  Built to the same robust and versatile standard as all Palazzani models, the XTJ 32 is the most adaptable  machine for both external rough terrain applications, and working from internal finished flooring. The machine  has been supplied with white non‐marking tracks.

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