New Accessories For Palazzani Spiders’ Baskets

New Accessories For Palazzani Spiders’ Baskets

The baskets installed on the Ragni Palazzani are already among the largest in the sector (2400x700x1100 mm the largest) and the fixed controls on the baskets are the most technologically advanced, to offer maximum comfort for the operator during aerial interventions.

It is important that the operator is always comfortable and, with all the devices, able to guaranteeing maximum operation in all contexts.

That is why, following an analysis by our Research and Development office, Palazzani Industrie has decided to introduce some additional safety and comfort elements to make available to customers.

Accessories available for the Palazzani baskets:


Ø20 mm tube positioned on the three outer upper sides of the basket with an internal space of 50 mm to avoid possible entrapment or crushing of the hands of the operators in case of collision with an obstacle.

Accidents at height can also be minor bumps due to distraction, which can however cause serious injuries to the operator’s hands. These accessories allow you to operate at height with greater safety.

If you want to increase the safety level, we remind you that Palazzani has been offering the “Anti-collision system on the basket” for years, an optional full kit with sensors and lasers that can be positioned on the 5 sides of the basket to provide total protection for the operator.


The drink holder can be used to hold 0.5-liter bottles of water, 33cl, 50cl cans, various sizes of glasses.

The support can be fixed either on the vertical or horizontal tubes of the basket and positioned on any side, oriented as you want, with an aluminum tube stop fixing mechanism.


12-24 V dc

The device is activated by a thermostat switch automatically when the operator places his hands on it. It can be assembled and disassembled if necessary.

It is an accessory capable of generating heat and warming the operator’s hands in case of need during interventions at height in periods or places with low temperatures. Spiders Palazzani are sold all over the world and in some countries the temperatures in winter are below zero; the operator always needs to have his hands free from gloves to use the controls and the difficulty of warming them can lead to a slowdown or interruption of work.

We believe this simple device can be useful in those situations and highly appreciated.

In particular in the Nordic countries, this device has already been highly appreciated by operators.

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